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Free Solutions

Library Databases

Though it 's not the same as converting, there are some fairly easy, free ways to get citations for articles and books. The only effort involved is looking up the book or article again:

  • Students can look up their articles in the library databases and grab the new citation format. Most databases include multiple styles. You can check out our citation style guides in APA or MLA format to see step by step how to grab a citation from EBSCO, Gale, ProQuest and other databases. For other styles, you can follow the same steps to grab the citation, just choose the style you are using. 
  • The same can be done in most library catalogs for books, ours is OneSearch. More on using on using our catalog, OneSearch

More Free Solutions

These two services are free to anyone, but also involve looking up articles to get the new citation. Zoterobib has the most citation formats available. 

  • Zoterobib is free and you can get any citation format. Enter your URL or DOI to get the citation.
    • If you are actually in Zoterobib at the time it will convert to another style, but you have to have entered the information to make that happen. More on using Zoterobib.
  • Google Scholar provides citation in many formats for free, but again, you'd have to look up the article to get the new citation. More on using Google Scholar

Pay Solutions

There are also some pay citation services that do this but we always recommend the things that students can do for free. 

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