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How do I cite an article, in APA style, that was originally published online in 1995, of which article's contents were updated in 2000?

Kaye Seymour-Rolls and Ian Hughes wrote an article entitled "Participatory Action Research: Getting the Job Done" in 1995, and it was updated in 2000. It was found online at This is for my Reference page at the end, by the way. Thanks~
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Interesting question. Here are some of the issues involved:

  1. The link you provided is broken: A search showed that you may have found this link on Wikpedia (
  2. The actual document is available elsewhere and you would be better served by citing from one of those sites. This seems to be the closest to the original publication: as it is associated with co author Ian Hughes. Just so you know, using bibliographies can be a great way to find other related sources, but when you cite a source your instructors expect you to have used the actual source, not cite it from another source which has used it. You may want to take a look at some plagiarism guidelines in our Information Ethics LibGuide.
  3. So what you really need to do is go to and cite the article with the information available from that page in APA format. Forget the information you found on Wikipedia. Our Cite APA Style LibGuide can help you with that--go to the Cite Web tab to find out how.
Answered by Kathryn Park

Other Answers / Comments (4)

  1. Actually, this was a hypothetical question given by our instructor. She is aware the page no longer exists online. However, I have searched at the APA site, other sites with APA info, and even for other similar articles that would have been updated, in order to determine how they were cited, but to no avail. (so, no, I did not get it from Wikipedia). Now that you are aware of these things, can you please answer as to how I would cite it? Thank you. :-)
    by Gi on Jun 09, 2011.
  2. Having all the information makes a big difference in how we can answer a question. Your instructor has set you a challenge with an unusual citation problem. She is trying to prepare you for the fact that this can happened with some frequency so you’ll know how to handle it on the future.

    In the case of an unusual citation the best thing you can do is consult the actual citation publication—in this case the APA Publication Manual, 6th edition--to determine the best way to proceed. Sometimes there is no definitive answer even in the publication of your specific unusual citation, as in this case.

    In those cases one follows the citation style by format of source, in this case web, just making sure to include the extra specific information that may be required due to the unusual circumstance, regardless of format. As it is a source from the Web you would need to include all the things you normally would about a Web source. The extra information has to address the fact that the article was published in 1995 and updated in 2000. Here is the closest example I could find in the manual:

    On page 197-198 of the manual Publication Information Variations are covered. One of the items listed as a variation is reprinted or republished work and this points to an example on page 203, example number 21. This example follows the normal citation style for the format of the publication, with the addition of (Original work published1900) at the end of the citation. I have bolded the text here to make it easier for you to determine what to include, but it should not be bolded in your paper and has no punctuation after it. IF you were to do an in text citation there is also an example for that on page 204.

    Best of luck!
    by Kathryn Park on Jun 09, 2011.
  3. Thanks for the answer. However, did you forget to input the example? I just didn't see it on this page. You mentioned you bolded, I'm assuming you meant to put something after "manual:"
    by gi on Jun 09, 2011.
  4. Yes, I did. I see now that these replies do not accept formatting as the original Q&A do. This is what was bolded and goes after all the rest of your citation, just the phrase in the parenthesis, parenthesis included, no punctuation after: (Original work published1900)
    by Kathryn Park on Jun 10, 2011.

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