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I have to choose an author for my wiki page in English class but I do not read much or have any authors in mind. Do you have suggestions?

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The easiest place to go to get an idea on what author to choose is EBSCO Literary Reference Center. In Literary Reference Center you can browse a list of the most studied authors.This can be handy if you are exploring what author on which you'd like to do a paper. There are some authors that have not had that much written about their work, which can make your research more difficult.Best of all, you'll automatically get all articles available from Literary Reference Center on that author!

When browsing most studied authors, you can limit your search by:

  • Name (Default)
  • Country
  • Culture
  • Poetic Techniques
  • Movement

There a re a few Web sites that might also give you ideas:

  • Emory Women Writers Resource Project
    The Emory Women Writers Resource Project is a collection of edited and unedited texts by women writing in English from the seventeenth century through the nineteenth century. Texts can be sorted by ethnicity, date, genre or nationality.
  • Luminarium
    Multi-award winning Luminarium web site. This portion includes quotes, life and works such authors as John Donne, Sir Thomas Malory, William Shakespeare, as well as essays and articles and additional resources. 16th Century Renaissance English Literature (1485-1603), Anthology of Middle English Literature: (1350-1485), English Literature: Early 17th Century (1603-1660) and more. 
  • PAL: Table of Contents
    From Paul P. Reuben, Ph.D., Professor of English, California State University Stanislaus. This online text book covers American Literature from Early American Literature to Contemporary. It gives background information on each period and author, including links to full text versions of the author's work where available.
  • USA Literature in Brief
    From the US Information Agency (USINFO). This resource is a virtual textbook, with background information on each era of American literature, prominent authors of the era, and some full text works by those authors. Special interest: Dreams of Edgar Allen Poe, USA Literature in Brief, Outline of American Literature, Writers on America.
  • The Victorian Web: An Overview
    From George P. Landow, Professor of English and Art History, Brown University. Access full text literatures, historical, and cultural information and full text books on the period. Special interest: Authors, Victorian Web Books, and Victorianism.
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